Communicating with other members

Roomies makes communicating with other members free, easy, secure and safe.

Roomies does not charge you to initiate, read or reply with other users so you can communicate freely with any other user.

Secure messaging

Roomies provides a free, secure messaging system through the website where you can communicate with other members without having to share your personal details until you are ready.

Conversations can be initiated off room or room wanted listings and you can reply through your message inbox. You will receive an SMS notification when you receive a new message.

Tip: We will share your active listing(s) with members you are messaging.

As long as you conform to our Community Standards you are able to share any content you like through the messaging system including phone numbers, email addresses, social media handles and website links.

All members need to verify their phone number before using our messaging system. Verifying your phone also allows you to access social media accounts and activate listings.

Phone number access

Verified members can access other members phone numbers on their listing or in the messaging system if it has been made available. Phone numbers should only be used for offer of finding accommodation, make sure you tell them where you got their number and it is a good idea to send them a link to your listing so they have access to your listing.

Contact details in listings

To reduce scam and spam we do not allow any phone numbers, email address, social media handles or website links in listings. Any of this information can be sent privately through the messaging system.