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Roomies has teamed-up with myInspections, a free property inspection app for everyone.

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Better for everyone

A streamlined property inspection process for both landlords & tenants.

Experience a simple and reliable inspection process that saves you time and provides better protection for your property.

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Why use myInspections

Keeping track

myInspections creates a collaborative recorded history of a property, designed to help landlords and tenants co-manage and keep track of their rental property. Both sides will have access to a fully transparent record of the property's condition and maintenance history in one digital platform - eliminating the need for additional paperwork.

For tenants

For tenants it makes the process of maintenance requests and property inspections a breeze, ensuring a smooth tenancy.

For landlords

For landlords, especially with multiple properties, this removes the hassle of going back into a clunky database or even an email chain to put together the history of a property when required.

Easy to use
An overview of a room including photos and todos for a myInspections report
Digital reports
An overview of all rooms in a routine inspection in myInspections
The landlord report signing experience in myInspectiosn

How it works

Record your property's condition with images, video and notes, which can be stored in the app for future reference.
Reports and other documents can be shared and even e-signed within the platform, removing the need for additional software.
Your signed report is available to view whenever you or tenants need access. Need a hard copy? Download a PDF.
Set reminders for upcoming inspections, for landlords to stay compliant with their insurance policies and for tenants to be aware of when the property management will be coming in.
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