Photo of Sjaan Glas

Sjaan Glas

26 years · Female · Paramedic


Hi, I'm 26 years old and a full time ambo medic. I work 4 days on 4 days off, so very reliable income. I'm a social person, always keen for flat dinners or outings, but I do enjoy my personal space and down time especially after night shifts. I am looking for somewhere Auckland-Counties based for a...

Roommate looking in: East Tamaki Heights, Auckland.

Photo of Amelia


21 years · Female · Server & Bartender


Hey! My name is Amelia and I’m moving to Auckland in end of November for a working holiday. A bit about me: I’m English, 21 years old, & a journalism graduate. I like writing, playing chess, watching anime, & rock climbing. Although I’m quite introverted, I enjoy making people laugh & having deep...

Roommate looking in: East Tamaki Heights, Auckland.

Photo of Nikko


27 years · Male · Electrical Engineer


I'm moving to Auckland for a new job in Mission Bay and would love to look for a room for myself and if possible that it is ensuite. I'm very neat and tidy when it comes to my room and the house, pay my bills on time. During my off day, I love to hike, do indoor climbing, and do other activities.

Roommate looking in: Auckland Central, Auckland, Newmarket, Auckland, Stonefields, Auckland, Point England, Auckland & East Tamaki Heights, Auckland.

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