Photo of Misi Onesemo

Misi Onesemo

46 years · Female · Clinical Nurse Specialist


I am currently from Wellington moving to Auckland for work permanently. I have 2 teenage girls they’ve lived in Dunedin and my husband lives in Wellington. I am a easygoing person. I love sports, exercise and work. I am easy to make friends too. I have always respect others who we staying toge...

Roommate looking in: Grafton-Newmarket, Auckland.

Photo of Marie


21 years · Female · Worker


Hey :) I am French Finance worker arriving in New-Zealand. I am looking for a room near New Market/ Remuera and I would prefer to be with girls. I travelled a lot (Europe, USA, Vietnam...) so I am very exited to discover New-Zealand. At home, I love to cook and I am a calm person. Don't hesita...

Roommate looking in: Newmarket, Auckland.

Photo of Gina


27 years · Female · Full time beautician


We are full time workers I'm a beautician and my partner works at next gen we are fun bubly couple who love meeting new people I'm from Egypt and my husband is from Chile we are very clean and tidy love perfection and pay all bills on time 💓

Roommate looking in: Newmarket, Auckland.

Photo of Kristine


28 years · Female · Nurse


Hi There! I am a 28y/o female nurse looking for a flat in near suburbs around Auckland City Hospital. I am clean and tidy. I am a type of person who knows how to adjust depends with the people I am with. i am pretty chill and keen with social gathering and at the same time respects your own privacy....

Roommate looking in: Newmarket, Auckland & Grafton, Auckland.


25 years · Male · Customer service


Hi I’m Luke, working in Newmarket. I enjoy going out on my weekends but don’t mind a quiet night in. Early nights on weekdays.

Roommate looking in: Newmarket, Auckland.

Photo of Melissa


48 years · Female · Pathology collector


I'm looking at relocating from Australia to work as a collector for the experience & life change, thought a shared house would ease me into the change.

Roommate looking in: Newmarket, Auckland.

Photo of Jess




Auckland local, work lots or up north on weekends. Quiet, tidy and friendly. Have my own life but care about the people around me. I am allergic to Cats unfortunately but it means I am super clean!

Roommate looking in: Newmarket, Auckland.


29 years · Female · ECE teacher


29 years old, Female and a professional who will work in Remuera area. Introvert so I will probably just stay in my room if at home. Moving from Singapore to NZ.

Roommate looking in: Newmarket, Auckland.

Photo of Seamus


33 years · Male · Barber


Traveling and working here in new Zealand from the UK. Easy going people person however I do like my own space and respect other peoples space. Interests are sports,hiking going to the beech ,Netflix marathons, I also consider myself a coffee connoisseur I think😅. Enjoy eating out a lot too. I enj...

Roommate looking in: Newmarket, Auckland.

Photo of Jade

Jade & Thomas

18 years · Couple · I love to sing, draw and I love animals


We are quiet and love animals, gaming and watching series. We can cook well and we love food, we are both introverts but we can open up easily with people that we like. We never drink any alcohol and we never smoke.

Roommate looking in: Newmarket, Auckland.

Photo of Meg


21 years · Female · Full time Software Engineer


I'm a full time software engineer working in Ellerslie, I'm tidy, sociable, and independent (I like some time to myself as well).

Roommate looking in: Newmarket, Auckland.


24 years · Male · Part-time Masters student, full-time worker


I'll pay rent on time and will gladly do my bit to keep the house in tip-top shape. I'll make the house a home.

Roommate looking in: Newmarket, Auckland.

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