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Photo of Arun


48 years · Male · IT Professional


Am a Full time working IT professional, neat clean and tidy, pay rent on time. Am a friendly but not a party person. I am looking for a single room in Morningside, st. Lukes or Sandringham or any area which is in a walkable distance to City Fitness(St. Lukes). Let me know if you need more details. T...

Roommate looking in: Sandringham, Auckland.

Photo of Dion


48 years · Male · Teacher


I teach Musical Instruments and write original music. I work in Howick Forte Music School and otherwise work location or from home: At home my work is done mainly in headphones so no noise etc. I’m well housetrained and respect others privacy and expression. I have a car so parking is re...

Roommate looking in: Sandringham, Auckland.

Photo of Minnie


45 years · Female · part-time cleaner


I stay in the room alone. I prefer independence. I write my personal blog about Bible in chronological order and put my own designs on the blog. At times, I do technical programming when I miss software development (i.e, ai or machine learning) and write poems or lyrics without melodies. I like watc...

Roommate looking in: Sandringham, Auckland.


41 years · Female · Nurse


I am from China. Clean, easygoing and very new to New Zealand. Looking forward to explore more about New Zealand .

Roommate looking in: Sandringham, Auckland.

Photo of Shreyas


29 years · Male · Digital Marketing


I’m a bit shy person but I do get a bit social with the right people. Always open for some drinks/movie nights on weekends but like keping to myself during the weekdays. I'm a clean and tidy person, as well as responsible with bills(never had a single delay in paying rent) and shared responsibilitie...

Roommate looking in: Sandringham, Auckland.


22 years · Female · Engagement Lead


Kia ora! I am a 22 year old working professional. I work in the CBD and then from home for a few days a week. I love reading, baking new things, building Lego, and long walks. I enjoy a good dmc but also appreciate personal space and time. :)

Roommate looking in: Sandringham, Auckland.

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