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Photo of Rhea

Rhea & Laorence

25 years · Couple

Couple looking for a room in Hutt Central. We are quiet, non-smoking, friendly, tidy, respectful housemates. We are not party people. We prefer a real...

Roommate looking in: Hutt Central, Lower Hutt.

Photo of Graeme


63 years · Male

I'm just not good at talking about myself, or other people, to total strangers.

Roommate looking in: Lower Hutt.

Photo of Grace


18 years · Female

Hi! Iโ€™m Grace! I donโ€™t know how to introduce myself but Iโ€™ll do my best. I love being outdoors, music, op shopping and cooking. I play cricket in th...

Roommate looking in: Wellington & Lower Hutt.

Photo of Jerry


20 years · Male

Engineering student at UoA, seeking summer flat in Lower Hutt for the duration of my full-time internship. From late November to end of February.

Roommate looking in: Lower Hutt.

Photo of Teata


19 years · Female

I am currently seeking to start flatting for the first time ever here in Lower Hutt. I am 19 years of age, born and raised in Levin but am very eager...

Roommate looking in: Lower Hutt.

Photo of Patrick


22 years · Male

Moving to Wellington sometime in the next few months to begin a PhD, located in the Gracefield area. Originally from the UK, wanting to find some othe...

Roommate looking in: Lower Hutt & Wellington.

Photo of Saxon


25 years · Male

Will be moving to Lower Hutt in November, will be working at Hutt Hospital as a radiographer. Pretty quiet and mostly keep to myself but enjoy having...

Roommate looking in: Lower Hutt.

Photo of Shayne Davis

Shayne Davis

25 years · Female

Working professional. Clean, tidy, friendly and respectful. Pay board and expenses on time. Loves a wind down drink on a Friday after work (who doesn...

Roommate looking in: Lower Hutt.

Photo of Jo


34 years · Male

Broken up from a 15 year relationship and been living in my vehicle for a couple months now need to find a place to call home. Pay bills on time Wo...

Roommate looking in: Lower Hutt.



34 years · Male

I am looking for a spacious room and would like to stay with 3 to 4 people or fewer than that would be fine. Currently, I live in a house where 11 pe...

Roommate looking in: Maungaraki, Lower Hutt.



38 years · Male

Hi my name is Vishnu Rautela I am 38 years old male and in process of separation with my partner and I used run my own business but sold that business...

Roommate looking in: Petone, Lower Hutt.



50 years · Female

Easy going chilled female. Clean and tidy. Respect others space. Social and enjoy others company but also like my space to catch up with life. Love...

Roommate looking in: Lower Hutt.

Photo of Daniel


33 years · Male

I've been living in the Wellington region for 4 months now.. my current landlord has his wife and children moving into the house and I need somewhere...

Roommate looking in: Lower Hutt.

Photo of Lizzie

Lizzie & Lizzie

21 years · Females

Hey I'm lizzie I'm 21 I'm looking for a room in lower Hutt to be closer to my partner I'm very clean and will help out araound the house I am easy to...

Roommate looking in: Lower Hutt.

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